We Care What Touches You

We believe our guests deserve a clean, cozy experience from head to toe and start to finish. And it shouldn't take a black light over your comforter to make you feel at ease in your hotel room. 

So we're changing things up.

Introducing The Naked Experience

by Pineapple Hospitality

Here’s what you’ll notice the next time you stay with us:

  • Pineapple Bedding!

What’s Pineapple Bedding? We’ve taken a cue from our friends in Europe and given each bed two twin comforters, so everyone can snuggle into their own comfort. Plus, Pineapple Bedding is 100% fresh for each guest. If it touches your body, you can trust it has been laundered just for you.

  • Seriously comfortable Simmons mattresses

For mattress aficionados, we’re talking Simmons Beautyrest® Black Napa Plus (The Maxwell Hotel, Hotel FIVE, Hotel Rose and The Hotel California) or Simmons Felicity Pillow Top Recharge (University Inn and Watertown Hotel)

  • Big, fluffy bath towels

Technically they’re bath sheets, which is why they’re so big. We apologize in advance if you are disappointed in your bath towels when you get home.

  • Signature robes and slippers

It’s your room, Friend; no dress code required. Lounge around in our soft, cozy robes and Pineapple slippers. The slippers are yours for the keeping!

What Guests Are Saying

“Wonderful, comfy, warm, delightful.” – Joni S.

“Loved the bed and the covers. Nice to know they are cleaned every time. (That's a big deal for us.) Also loved the robes and slippers. Nice touch!” – Benjamin C.

"At first I was unsure and we couldn't figure [it] out. But we ended up having the best night's sleep and loved the personal duvets. In fact, when we got in our own bed last night, we were missing them!” – Allison S.

"We LOVE the bed set up and it reminded us of all our excellent sleeps in Europe with that type of bedding. We also loved the robes.” – Julie M.

“Towels were large and thick and fluffy. Great!” – Laura J.

"I loved the new bedding setup. When we first walked in and saw it, I thought it was ridiculous, but boy was I wrong! It was wonderful and I've even given some serious thought to changing ours at home, it was that good.” – Debra B.


So there you have it! Try The Naked Experience now at The Maxwell Hotel, Hotel FIVE, Hotel Rose or The Hotel California. Coming to University Inn and Watertown Hotel in March 2015.

What's that? You loved The Naked Experience and are ready to makeover your own digs? It's all available in our new online shop