Meet Fluffy!

World, we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of Team Pineapple:

Name: Fluffy the Pineapple Pup
Age: Adorable puppy
Breed: Husky
Likes: Travel, hugs, humans, cupcakes, staring at birds

An ambassador for all #PineapplePups, Fluffy’s mission is to be a friend to those who stay with us - child, adult or canine. On top of that, he’s out to help pets in need. Anytime someone “adopts” Fluffy from our front desks or website, a portion of his adoption fee will be given to an animal shelter in one of our cities.  

Why a husky, you ask? You may recognize these fluffballs from our marketing photos:

They’re our fearless leader Michelle’s furry family, and they’ve been our unofficial doggie mascots since day one. It only seemed right to immortalize them as official representatives of the Pineapple!

Like our guests, Fluffy is an avid traveler. So we're dubbing each Friday #FluffyFriday and will be sharing some of his adventures about town and around the world on our social media channels. Follow us and Fluffy on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+